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Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Backed by our team of dexterous professionals, we have emerged as a proficient Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Boiler Treatment Chemicals from West Bengal. We also make available Boiler Antiscalant, Boiler Water PH Booster, Boiler Online Descalant, Boiler Water Oxygen Scavengers, etc. We hold the expertise of delivering bulk orders of the

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Boiler Antiscalant

Chemtex Speciality Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that manufactures Boiler Antiscalant which is an online boiler cleaning compound which assist a complete boiler internal treatment. The optimum balance of products enable inhibition of calcium, iron and iron-oxide deposition, removal of


Boiler Water PH Booster

Boiler Water pH Booster a unique liquid alkaline formulation, of Chemtex Speciality Ltd. that can be used as alkalinity source for boiler water. It particularizes with the properties of pH boosting and water conditioning. It helps in minimizing corrosion of feed water tank, lines and pump and aid in water and sludge


Boiler Online Descalant

Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures Boiler Online Descalant which are designed specifically to keep the boiler internals free from scale, which are formed during operation. It developed as a unique formulation of organic and inorganic sequestrants and dispersants which slowly helps in the removal of inorganic scales during


Boiler Water Oxygen Scavengers

Boiler oxygen Scavenger, a unique product of Chemtex Speciality Limited is manufactured in liquid form and specifically based on catalyzed sodium bisulfite. It helps in removal of oxygen from the boiler feed water by converting itself to sodium bisulfate and also aids in dropping down the alkalinity. It helps to minimize or eliminate oxidation


Condensate Line Corrosion Inhibitor

Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures Boiler Condensate Line Corrosion Inhibitor which neutralizes carbon dioxide within the condensate system and helps to prevent corrosion due to carbonic acid formation in the system. It is a synergic blend of filming amines with neutralizing amines of low and high vapor/liquid distribution



Morpholine, a high performance chemical of Chemtex Speciality Limited is an organic amine based formulation used for the treatment condensate boiler water. It increases the pH of boiler water to provide protection against corrosion. It does not add TDS to the boiler water and thereby reduce blow down and helps in fuel savings.


Hydrazine Hydrate

Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures Hydrazine hydrate that exhibit as an Oxygen Scavenger in Boiler water treatment. Hydrazine Hydrate is a colorless liquid. It generally comprises of 80% assay product that accomplish for the removal of dissolved oxygen in boiler treatment. It helps in the removal of dissolved oxygen and



Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures Deha - Diethyl Hydroxyl Amine serves as a volatile catalyzed oxygen scavenger cum condensate line treatment chemical. It is based on DEHA catalyzed with hydroquinone. It undergoes reactions with oxygen to produce acetates, nitrogen and water. It helps in passivation of metal surfaces in



Carbohydrazide is mainly an oxygen scavenger used in the boiler treatment plants, manufactures by Chemtex Speciality Limited. It undergoes oxidation reactions to produce water, nitrogen and urea. It acts as passivator and helps in the reduction of metal oxides by converting ferric oxide to ferrous oxide and converting cupric