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Acid Inhibitor

Catering to the requirements of various heavy duty engineering, manufacturing industries and refineries, we are one of the sought-after names in the domain of providing Acid Inhibitor. We are renowned as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Acid Inhibitor that is manufactured using premium and qualitative raw ingredients. We offer the customers a wide range of Acid Inhibitors that include HCl Acid Inhibitor, Phosphoric Acid Inhibitor, Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor, Rodine Acid Inhibitor and Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor.

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HCl Acid Inhibitor

HCl Acid Inhibitor serves to be used for hydrochloric acid pickling solutions. At the time of inhibiting base metal attack and offering fume control, it assists to impart wetting as well as detergency. The features of our offered range of acid inhibitors are lowering of metal weight, prevention from over-pickling, excellent


Phosphoric Acid Inhibitor

Phosphoric Acid Inhibitor, used for treating various metal surfaces, are processed precisely by making full use of high quality constituents to make it applicable for descaling, cleaning and derusting applications. This formulation is added to the aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid providing excellent protection to the metal


Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor

Sulfamic Acid Inhibitor, a chemical superlatively utilized for descaling the impact of sulfamic acid over heat transfer surfaces, is made with superior qualitative corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents to help in ensuring excellent cleaning of the plate exchangers. It is a powdered form of inhibitor that is available with


Rodine Acid Inhibitor
Acid Inhibitor (Rodine), formulated for the prevention of environmental acid attack on metal components without hampering the acidic effect or in some occasions even enhancing the acid effect in the given process or application, are of the following various types Hydrochloric acid inhibitor, sulfuric acid inhibitor, sulfamic acid inhibitor,

Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor

Sulfuric Acid Inhibitor, serving as an additive, is idyllically used in various industrial processing for sulfuric acid pickling. These inhibitors support in creating a protection film over alloys and silicon steel from acid. The inhibitors are formulated prudently by making efficient use of superior grade constituents for the