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Rodine Acid Inhibitor

Acid Inhibitor (Rodine), formulated for the prevention of environmental acid attack on metal components without hampering the acidic effect or in some occasions even enhancing the acid effect in the given process or application, are of the following various types Hydrochloric acid inhibitor, sulfuric acid inhibitor, sulfamic acid inhibitor, citric acid inhibitor etc. The type and concentration of the Acid Inhibitor required is determined by the type of metal to be protected and the conditions under which the metal is to be treated. Steel, aluminum, iron, titanium, etc., will all require alloy specific acid inhibitor formulations of corrosion preventative coatings for the best end result. We, at Chemtex Speciality Limited, maintain a proper blend ratio and homogeneous solution during the treatment so as to ensure the most effective and long lasting protection for the specified metal. Chemtex Speciality Limited, an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, offers specially manufactured Acid Inhibitor to serve industries worldwide.

Features :
  • Helps in the prevention of acid attack
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to handle

Applications : Power Station, Iron & Steel, Heavy Engineering Industries, Cement, Glass & Ceramics, Petroleum & Refineries, Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries, etc.


Rodine 102 Acid Inhibitor

Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures Rodine 102 that serves as a powdered chemical compound specifically designed to assist in the inhibition of the sulfamic acid and or sodium bisulfate solution attack on mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, monel etc. during industrial cleaning operations. Chemtex Speciality Limited, an


Rodine 103 NPF Acid Inhibitor

Rodine 103, an effective inhibitor for hydrochloric, acetic, phosphoric, formic acid, sulfuric, citric, oxalic, bisulfate, sulfamic, tartaric and other organic acids, serves as a liquid inhibitor specifically designed to be used in industrial cleaning operations for helping in the prevention of acid attack on stainless steel, mild steel and


Rodine 213 SPL Acid Inhibitor

Rodine 213 SPL, a high foaming acidic blend of concentrated organic cationic inhibitor with surfactants and stabilizers, aids in imparting cleaning and extending inhibitor life. Rodine 213 SPL is specifically designed for assisting in the prevention of the acidic attack of Hydrochloric acid of all concentration on various metals such as Copper,


Rodine 2010 Acid Inhibitor

Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures RODINE 2010 that serves as a low toxicity, liquid inhibitor formulated to be used in chelant cleaning solutions. These solutions are normally employed for chemical cleaning of metal oxides and scale from power plant boilers and pipelines.RODINE 2010 helps in minimizing base metal dissolution during


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