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Online Descalant

Online Descalant is a unique product of ChemtexSpecialityLImited for chiller water, brine or glycol which is based on polymeric chemicals that help in the removal of scales and deposits from the system without causing the degradation of the properties of fluids and does not cause any corrosive effect. During this process while the scales are being removed the system does not need a shutdown. It is a revolutionary product with superior economical benefits.It saves time, productivity, labor and depicts product effectiveness. This product does not require shutdown of the system and helps in passivating the metal surface. It is applicable in Engine Jacket, Glycol Brine System, Chiller Water Circuit, Hot Water Circuit, Engine Coolant, Process chilling and heating etc. With a clear focus on innovation, Chemtex Speciality Ltd. also provides expertise solutions which ensure that the products meet customerrequirements.


Features :

  • Excellent removal of slime and grease
  • Comfortable with all types of brines
  • Concentrated product
  • Non-foaming

Applications : Housekeeping, Leather and rubber, Power station, Atomic energy, Textile and Jute processing, Cement and Refineries.