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Nitrate Based Corrosion Inhibitor

Nitrite Based Corrosion Inhibitor, offered by Chemtex Speciality Ltd, exhibits as an excellent formulation of multi-metal corrosion inhibitors for closed loop system containing chiller or hot water. It helps in the prevention of corrosion or rusting of metal by forming a passive coating of protective oxide film on steel. It is comprised of a special yellow metal (copper) corrosion inhibitor, that provides protection to copper and its alloys such as cupro-nickel, brass etc.,  In case of hardness ingress  prevents scaling and deposition of calcium and magnesium hardness and iron deposits, thus keeping the heat exchange at best efficiency. It increases cooling efficiency and appears with power saving quality for more than 30%. This is an end of your search and findings for a good formulated high performance nitrite based corrosion inhibitor.


Features :

  • Multi-metal corrosion protection
  • Leakage and burst protection
  • Saves power more than 30%
  • Non-foaming


Outperforms :

  • Accepta 2531
  • Accepta 2532
  • Accepta 2533

Applications : The product finds its use in a number of industries such as in Beverage & Brewery, Cold Storages, Pharma & Biotechnology, Oil Industry, Winery & Distillery, Iron & Steel Industry, Marine & Automobile, Petrochemical & Refineries Industry, Railway, Plastic & Woven Sacks, Rubber, Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals & Hotels, HVAC & Air Conditioning, Thermal Energy Storage, Central AC Buildings, Municipality, Airports, etc.