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Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade or Sodium hydrogen carbonate of CAS No.144-55-8, a chemical compound with chemical formula NaHCO3, appears to be a solid fine white powder but is crystalline in nature. It has a slightly saltish, alkaline taste. Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade is widely in use as a drinking water mineral serving as an additive for the process of reverse osmosis of water for making it suitable for drinking purpose. It exhibits weak disinfectant properties but may be used as an effective fungicide against some microorganisms. Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade also finds its use in a process called Sodablasting used for the purpose of removal of paint and corrosion, particularly suitable for cleaning aluminium panels which can get distorted by other types of abrasive. Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade also finds it uses in raising pH levels of water when administered to pools, spas and garden ponds. An ISO 9001 certified company, Chemtex Speciality Limited, manufactures finest quality of Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade.


Features :

  • Alkaline in nature
  • Natural buffer
  • Act as disinfectant

Applications : The product finds its use in a number of industries such as in Beverage & Brewery, Cold Storages, Pharma & Biotechnology, Package Drinking Water, Dairy & Ice Cream, Oil Industry, Winery & Distillery, Marine & Automobile, Petrochemical & Refineries Industry, Railway, Miscelleneous Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals & Hotels, HVAC & Air Conditioning, Thermal Energy Storage, Central AC Buildings, Municipality, Airports, etc.

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