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Cooling Water Dispersant

Cooling Water Dispersant, an excellent formulation of Chemtex Speciality Chemical which is a polymer and surfactant based product aids to cuts through the clay deposits and remove them with blow down water. It is a product with neutral pH and helps in removing the silt deposits from the fins, louvers and pipelines during normal service.It does not cause any corrosion to the system metal during use. It can be dosed manually to the cooling tower sump on a daily basis or can be dosed continuously with a dosing pump.Cooling Water Dispersantworks by using a combination of chelation, crystal modification and the threshold effect, and has shown effectiveness against a wide range of inorganic scales and hardness producing chemical compounds. It will gradually re-disperse old deposits and may be used as part of a maintenance ’clean up’ program. Chemtex Speciality Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of Scale Dispersant. Chemtex's greatest business vitality and strength are its technical and manufacturing knowledge and a well developed technical service team.


Features :

  • Controls deposition of silt and clay on the CT basis (pump)
  • Imparts online cleaning cooling tower fills and louvers
  • Inhibits microbiologically induced corrosion
  • Convenient to use and handling


Outperforms :

  • MAXTREAT 7200D
  • NALCO WT 200
  • ACCEPTA 2529

Applications : Beverage and Brewery ,Cold storage, Dairy and ice cream, edible oil, package drinking water, hospitals and hotels, central AC building, HVAC and Air conditioning, Airports, paper and pulp, etc.

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