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Coolants and Coolant Additives

We have in our store a wide assortment of Coolants and Coolant Additives that is inclusive of Antifreeze Radiator Coolant, Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor, Coolant Defoamer and many others. They are formulated by our team of professionals under the strict observation of veterans so that the quality stays intact. Buyers can obtain Coolants and Coolant Additives in small as well as big quantities and that too at the most discounted prices.

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Antifreeze Radiator Coolant

Coolant Antifreeze, a range of Corrosion Inhibited Ethylene Glycol based heat transfer fluids, is designed particularly to serve as an industrial engine coolant, antifreeze agent. The inhibitor package is designed in such a way so as to protect steel, copper,  brass, solder, cast iron, aluminum alloys and other components such as rubber


Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor

Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor, a specially formulated nitrite free chemical additive for Mono Ethylene Glycol, is designed for providing protection to the system metals from corrosion. It serves as a multi metal corrosion inhibitor and aids in preventing the corrosion in multiple ways. Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor modifies the


Coolant Defoamer

Chemtex Speciality Ltd manufactured product Coolant Defoamer can provide optimum antifoam performance combined with excellent dilution stability and foam knock down performance and it is based on silicone emulsion. These are used at small dosage in coolant formulations as preventive antifoaming agents. Coolant Defoamer should


Coolant Preservative

Coolant Preservative, an advanced, non oxidizing microbiocide, developed specifically for the control of microbiological growth in open and closed circuit cooling water and glycol systems serves to be very effective against all types of bacteria, fungi, biofilm and slime forming organisms. It is non-foaming, non-oxidizing and


Coolant Viscosity Improver

Coolant Viscosity Improver, an organic product derived from plant extracts, has been specifically designed for helping in imparting a cosmetic effect to the aqueous solution by enhancing the viscosity of a water glycol based industrial automotive coolant. Viscosity Improver is formulated in such a way that it will not impart


Engine Coolant

Engine Coolant, a range of Corrosion Inhibited Ethylene Glycol based heat transfer fluids, is designed for the use as an industrial engine coolant, antifreeze agent. The inhibitor package is specifically designed for the protection of brass, copper, solder, cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys and other components such as gaskets,


RTU Coolant

RTU Coolant, referred to as an engine coolant for buses, trucks, road construction machines and industrial equipments, helps to fulfill the requirements of most leading heavy-duty engine manufacturers. The product is free of phosphates, amines, and borates, which makes it friendlier to the environment. RTU Coolant aids in


Nalcool 2000

Nalcool 2000, a multifunctional blend of nitrite based corrosion inhibitors for engine system, aids in the prevention of corrosion or rusting of metal by the formation of a passive coating of protective film on the metal surface. Chemtex manufactured product Nalcool 2000 consists of a combination of ferrous and non ferrous